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===> Higher Scores are achieved more often when your Bowling Ball's Grip Fits!
It's important to go to a Pro Shop like D & L for hand measuring and ball drilling!
Proper Bowling Ball fit and using the right ball for you helps you ENJOY Bowling!

Bowling Ball Getting Drilled.
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Discontinued new bowling balls in stock priced $129.95 or higher are discounted 15% off the
$129.95 or higher price and still includes drilling but finger grips & thumb slug are extra. Any priced
new ball you want to buy undrilled (current or discontinued) will be discounted 20% if you have your 
own bowling ball driller elsewhere at another Pro Shop that you want to drill the bowling ball for you... 

David C. Oakes Specials!

F.Y.I. (for your info) Dave did bowling ball services for D & L Pro Shop this means: 
Plug Work and Drilling the bowling balls, Plus worked in the Pro Shop selling etc.

He loved bowling putting in many hours of practice: Was a huge part of his life 
along with his job at Elwyn.  Worked at Elwyn 30 years/+. Dave had a 298 game 
on october 14, 1987 and a 300 perfect game that was a long time goal for him! :-) 
The 300 game was on april 15, 1994 the 2 honor scores were done in 2 different 
Sanctioned Bowling Leagues at Wynnewood Lanes. The 298 was on lanes 23 & 24 
and the 300 game on lanes 11 & 12 - Prior to the 298 he bowled a 290 game with 
a spare in the 1st frame and 11 strikes in a row. His ABC award for the 290 was 
11 strikes in a row belt buckle that he wore proudly!! Dave also bowled in the
nationals yearly for 26 or 27 straight years since the late 1980's until his health
prevented him from doing so. David C. Oakes and I became lifetime members in
the former ABC (American Bowling Congress) and later transfered to the U S B C.

Dave was my D & L Pro Shop biz Partner (D in D & L) a very long time!!! The story behind the 
Dave Oakes is Back Specials was all my (Louis, Jr.) idea! It was partly to promote the pro shop 
and to have the specials in advance of Dave's return to celebrate!!! Dave did return but he was
not in the best of health. A day in aug 2015 was the last time Dave Oakes was at D & L Pro Shop. :-(  

I am keeping the DAVE OAKES IS BACK SPECIALS! link that is above on all pages (he's not back
at the pro shop in perfect health, even though I wanted that miracle to happen, the lord had different 
plans for Angel Dave, but he will never be forgotten) and is the same as the SPECIALS link on the bottom
of all pages on this website: In fact you're on the SPECIALS Page Now! Louis, Jr. Website Administrator.
The Dave Oakes Specials pricing was updated effective april 4, 2016 Take advantage of the specials and to save more ($25 off of $124) for any D & L Pro Shop Services with each D & L Yelp Deal bought! Can still buy bowling balls (drill or not drill) from our Pro Shop and of course bring balls in for drilling!

David C. Oakes had over a quarter of a century of experience in bowling ball 
services and in that time there has been some bowlers roll perfect 300 games! 2 of
them: 1. Alex Dimarzio seen in this picture. And 2. Andrew Hodnicki was a teen at the time also. 
Both in a Saturday Wynnewood Lanes Junior League. The David C. Oakes drilling was one of the reasons 
for both perfect 300 games. The Wynnewood Lanes great coaches like my brother Chuck Gentile and the 
rest of the coaches that donate their time to Coach the junior bowlers on Saturdays at Wynnewood Lanes 
and each bowlers ability were the other reasons

Joe Dubrow has rolled a 3 game 842 series with a 299 game and
Matt Martinelli has a 3 game 780 series. Matt has a 300 game too!!! 
The scored were in a Wynnewood Lanes Adult League. Both are former 
saturday Wynnewood Lanes Junior League bowlers! When kids bowl in junior 
bowling leagues that includes coaching it really helps them become 
better bowlers and also teaches them more than just bowling better!!!

If you're not a bowler but some of your family and or friends are do think 
of us when it is time to give them a gift for whatever the reason. You will feel 
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If the person you want to give a Gift Certificate to lives far away you can do it all
on the internet via yelp (read below) or us mail. The choice is yours!!! - Louis, Jr.

David C. Oakes Specials!

Tues 8/26/2014 to Sun 4/26/2015
Great News: Decision has been made 
to extend specials to further notice. :-)
Updated Pricing Effective: Mon 4/4/2016

All blank bowling balls (purchased
elsewhere) brought in for drilling:

Save $8 to drill 3 holes:
Reg $42.45 tax 2.55 ---> $45
Special $34.90 tax 2.10 --> $37
No limit it's $37 each new ball purchased 
elsewhere you can get drilled in this event!

Finger grips: New/Used Ball
Each $5.66 tax .34 --> $6.00
Pair $11.32 tax .68 --> $12.00
Each $4.71 tax .29 ----> $5.00
Pair $9.43 tax .57 --> $10.00

Thumb Slug: New/Used Ball 
$11.32 tax .68 --------> $12.00
Special $9.43 tax .57 --> $10.00

Drill extra hole: New/Used Ball
is $9.00 (6% pa sales tax included.)
Special $8 (6% pa sales tax included.)

Resurfacing: All bowling ball surfaces* 
Sanding entire ball is included: Save $5 
Added to the $5 off Special you sav$10
Regular $28.30 tax $1.70 ------> $30. 00 <------
Special Price $23.58 tax $1.42 ---> $25.00 <---
*Polyester: Only sanding & polishing is suggested.

For sanding the entire ball and polishing is 
the same price of $4.71 tax .29 $5.00 for each. 
Sanding entire ball $4.71 & 6% pa tax 0.29: $5.00
Polishing entire ball $4.71 & 6% pa tax 0.29: $5.00

Save More On Services with the D & L Pro Shop Yelp Deal!!!
 Save $25 For Each Yelp Deal You Purchase from the D & L Pro Shop Yelp Site! 
Can use your credit or debit card to purchase! The vouchers are good for 1
 year to use the $25 savings (at leastbut the actual amount paid for each: $99.00 never expires! --> Do read the entire information at Yelp. - Louis, Jr. 

The D & L Pro Shop Yelp Deal: Get $124 of D & L Pro Shop Services for $99

Like the Yelp D & L Pro Shop Gift Certificate to redeem print the voucher or the email receipt and bring
to Pro Shop. Or via the mobile yelp app: Add the voucher on your phone then bring phone to Pro Shop.
Can send a yelp deal or gift certificate too! The person receiving the gift can redeem any 3 above ways! 


If you're getting your hand measured at our bowling Pro Shop and it is your very 1st time at a bowling Pro Shop it is helpful that you have not been using a ball or balls already long term that is/are to heavy for you and the holes to big for your hand and you have been forced to squeeze to hold on to it/them (mainly with the thumb) the most important hole of the 3 holes. If you been using different house balls then this could be your current situation if you trained yourself to squeeze the bowling ball then after your hand is sized and the holes are drilled in the ball you may think that the holes are to tight (mainly the thumb hole) on a ball that does fit you properly. Iyou have your hand measured at our D & L Pro Shop along with a ball drilled your grip is guaranteed 100% to fit your hand. If you're a bowler and the above is your situation but you will not take the time to learn how to bowl without the heavy squeeze the person measuring youcan work with you: Size your hand so the holes will be slightly bigger than your hand calls for even when the fingers (mainly the thumb) is at their swollen largest sizes. Can grip the ball slightly but not with a heavy squeeze: It forces you to muscle the ball during the delivery and therefore create problemin your game. A loose bowling arm swing is easier to create consistency to repeat shots. It is normal that your hand (mainly your thumb) will go up and down in size. This don't mean that your ball don't fit your hand when your fingers are down in size (mainly your thumb.) During the hand measuring process you in most cases will be asked questions. Like when visiting your doctor he or she will ask you questions. If you are thinking of having us do your next ball it is helpful to tell the person measuring your bowling hand if you wear a ring on a finger and if yes does it ever feel real tight one day then loose another day? This happens to most people. If yes then the holes in the ball will be drilled accordingly. If your hand does go up and down in size it is important that you learn to use bowling tape. The plan is to have the 3 holes (if a conventional grip) drilled the sizes your 3 fingers that go in the holes swell to then you will use tape when your fingers are down. With a finger tip grip with finger inserts (with a thumb slug or not) the main hole is the thumb hole. If you're an experienced bowler and very pleased with your grip then that grip can be matched so bring that ball in to our Pro Shop with the ball you want drilled. - Louis J Gentile Jr. Proprietor of D & L Pro Shop...