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===> Higher Scores are achieved more often when your Bowling Ball's Grip Fits!
It's important to go to a Pro Shop like D & L for hand measuring and ball drilling!
Proper Bowling Ball fit and using the right ball for you helps you ENJOY Bowling!

D & L Pro Shop - Established in 1987 

Free Services included is hand measurement if needed. Even 
if you are not getting a ball drilled there is no charge to have 
your grip checked with the ball you are using the most. Making 
sure that the new balls C. G. is correct: Sometimes they are not 
but this is very rare. Another free service that many people have 
requested through the years is to get the weight of their ball checked
and in some cases a drop in ball weight can make a world of difference
in the enjoyment of bowling meaning how a person feels after bowling.

It's normal to feel tired after 3 games in league or open bowling but
if you're hurting the next day: Better come in the shop to have either
Doctor Louis or Doctor Jeffrey find out why and of course do bring in the
ball that you were using that caused those aches and pains later. It could
be to heavy a ball for you and or the grip not correct: With a bowling ball
that does fit your hand your bowling is a more enjoyable experience!

If you have a ball it is highly recommended that you bring it in along with
the ball you want drilled. If you have several bring in the ball you like that
fits your hand the very best. If there is a problem with the fit of your ball
tell this to Louis or Jeffrey when you are being measured and either one
can check your fit to the ball and any needed changes can be made to the 
new ball so it will fit you better. "A Pro Shop is the only place" to get your
ball drilled. The bowling ball price can be great at the department store but
again the Bowling Pro Shop is the only place to get your Bowling Ball Drilled.