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===> Higher Scores are achieved more often when your Bowling Ball's Grip Fits!
It's important to go to a Pro Shop like D & L for hand measuring and ball drilling!
Proper Bowling Ball fit and using the right ball for you helps you ENJOY Bowling!

D & L Pro Shop

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Established in: 1987

Located in Incredible:


Since Established in: 1987

------> There are 24 Lanes: 12 Lanes on each side:

1 - 12 & 13 - 24 - If you never visited this house you 

must consider doing so (do put it on your bucket list)

and bowl a few games! It's been a high scoring center 

for years! Over 60 years old but because of the upgrades

that the people running this business have made through the

years to me it seems like a much newer state of the art center! 

For many years Wynnewood Lanes has Hosted:

 Rock 'N' Bowl! 


Visit their website for more information!

==)> For the more serious bowlers "Rent A Lane" is for you! 

I suggest the sunday morning 9 am to 12 pm (noon) Special at:

$25 for 3 hours it's a bargain! Get a few friends to practice with you!


D & L Pro Shop is not affiliated with Wynnewood Lanes 

D & L Pro Shop

Established in: 1987 

2228 Haverford Road

Ardmore, Pa 19003-2911

Shop Phone 610-649-8343


Temporarily call: 215-602-2474

(Can't send texts to that number).

> Instead of 610-649-8343 but you

are only able to leave me voicemail.

The phone needs to be replaced for

610-649-8343 and if you need me

to call you leave that in your message.

Advice: come in when pro shop is open.


D & L Pro Shop Gift Certificates pay

12% less starts $300 for $264 to infinity! 

------> Do visit the Specials Page for more info!!!


David C. Oakes

(Dave and I Louis, Jr. started this

business back in 1987) Sadly he 

died on June 10, 2016 at 61 years.

'Dave is gone but Is Not Forgotten.'

Rest In Peace Angel David C. Oakes

 Louis J. Gentile, Jr.  

Website Administrator  

 Vending Machine Services

Customers Hand Measuring

 - Most Bowling Ball Services

- Pro Shop Customer Service/Sales

Accounting/Budget Manager &

Sole Proprietor of D & L Pro Shop

Located in Incredible:


 Since Established in: 1987 

(Pro Shop Not Affiliated With Lanes.) 

Accessories Vending Machine

outside of shop is owned by

D & L Pro Shop. It's there for

bowling needs & convenience!

Find the Pro Shop when you enter the lanes:

Walk right of counter and go to the vending area.

The Vending Machine & Pro Shop in the vending area is on the left side.