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Lou's Bowling Tips For:

Using One Bowling Ball for Different Lane Conditons.
(do know in this day and age and it has been this way for many years
what many bowlers do is simply change balls for different lane conditions
but if it is not affordable to buy several balls then this tip is for you.) But I
suggest having at least 2 bowling balls: One for dry lanes (ball hooks alot)
and one for oily lanes (ball goes straight with little or no hook.) If you can
afford 3 better yet: Get the 2 balls described above and one described in the
tips below. Do know if you do get the 2 or 3 balls: I suggest you also apply the 
tips listed below as needed. Pro Bowlers have their A game and even with all 
the bowling balls they use they must also have a B & C at the very least meaning 
their A game is the way they like to bowl and where on the lanes. For example the 
great Walter Ray Williams, Jr. his A game is to bowl Down and In with not much hook.
But he also has a B, C game etc. Walter like Pro Bowler Norm Duke can play anywhere
on the lanes and use different releases. Even when changing balls they both in some
cases change their release to create more or less revs on the bowling ball (make the 
ball hook more or less with the way they release it.) Here's an example: Walter Ray is 
using his A game and he is leaving the Flat 10 Pin: This is when the 6 pin just lays in the 
channel. Walter Ray is right handed, to carry out the 10 Pin Walter may use his B game or
tweak his A game with Slighly Less Speed. But if using B game that could be staying with 
same ball he is using but leaving the Flat 10 Pin and move in slighly (left on approach and 
where he is looking on the lane) and use his B game release to apply more revs to the ball

Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Flat 10 Pin leave example: Was the right lane and Walter did use his B game 
that worked for him to carry the 10 Pin. His A game was fine on the left game. So in fact he was using 
his A game on the left lane and his B game on the right lane. Now this story must be repeated over and
over with the Pro Bowlers because they don't stay on the same pair of lanes for an entire tournament... 

The A, B, C games etc. that Professional Bowlers have is only
part of the reason why they are so Great! Watch the PBA ON TV!

But if you're a recreational bowler and or a league bowler that just bowls at your local bowling 
center you'll be fine with having a A game and using the tips for changing speeds below. - Lou, Jr.

Added Notes: Take Care Of Your Bowling Balls! It's important to not just use your
ball and do nothing. Mid to high performing balls wear more than less expensive
balls like: Lower performing balls that are entry level reactive. Balls that do wear the 
least are: plastic / polyester bowling balls. But those mid to higher performing bowling 
balls need to be taking care of. For those types of bowling balls you should get a goo
ball cleaner and start after your 1st time using your new ball to clean it after every 
3 games. This article suggests that you clean or polish your ball after 6-12 games and
adds many bowlers that dominate clean or polish them after each series and before their 
league or tournament. When you notice that the ball is not performing like it once did bring 
it in the Pro Shop for a sanding & polishing if your ball calls for a polish also. This does make
 the ball last longer! Advice: Don't buy bowl and do nothing... Taking care of it extends ball life... 

Lets Start:

Bowling tips for those of you that only have one bowling ball (or only one ball with
you at the time of your bowling.) It is best if this bowling ball is a bowling ball that is
not suited for mainly a running (ball hooks alot) condition or a ball that is suited mainly
for slick or oily (ball hooks very little) condition. Another factor is the revs you put on the
bowling ball, the surface of the ball, pin placement, and the angle you use on the lane etc.

These tips are all about: "Ball Speed" which can be controlled by your delivery speed 
(this is how fast you are moving on the lane approach to the foul line) during your bowling 
delivery from your 1st step until you release the ball. PBA Hall of Fame Legend Dick Weber who 
is in bowling heaven with "Uncle Marty" and when they were both alive they did meet in person:
Did use this tip! I did also: It really did help me on different lane conditions. If you need to try it: Do!

If lanes are running (ball hooks alot) increase the speed of your delivery by moving
back on the approach 1 to 3 feet: This will increase the speed of your ball and your
ball will hook less. If you take 3 steps take 4 or if you take 4 take 5 and move back...

 Mike Durbin won PBA Championships using all 3 deliveries. He is in the PBA HOF!!! 

If the lanes are slick or oily (ball hooks very little) decrease the speed of your delivery by
moving up on the approach where you are standing (closer to foul line 1 to 3 feet.) This will 
decrease the speed of your ball and giving it the time to hook on a slick or oily lane condition.
If you take 5 steps take 4 take 4 steps take 3 do move up and it will really slow the ball for you.  

If you tried the above tips and are not able to do them try the next options: Like the delivery speed
tips PBA Hall of Fame Legend Dick Weber also applied these 2 methods for different lane conditons:
Do give these a try and they may worfor you. For Running Lanes: Holding the ball higher in your 
stance does create a higher back swing and more ball speed for a running (ball hooks) condition... 

For Slick Oily Lanes: Holding the ball lower in your stance does create a lower back swing and less
ball speed for a slick oily lane (ball hooks little) condition. Do what works for you. Some bowlers have
success lowering the ball in there stance to get the ball in the swing sooner to increase ball speed.

Lou's thoughts and suggestions about the above tips! 

Unless you are going to do alot of practicing I would stay with what you are comfortable doing in the 
amount of steps you are taking. Yes changing the amount of steps is an option and it is alot easier to switch 
from 4 to 5 and from 5 to 4 - If you are going to try that method I suggest not including the 3 step delivery. In fact
many bowlers don't use the 3 step delivery anymore. Most use the 4 or 5 and little use 6 steps. I have used the 4,
5 & 6 steps but I mainly used either 4 or 5 steps. Also if you are currently using 3 steps I suggest changing to 4 or 5.

Try approach speed: Move back and moving up and holding the ball higher and lower tips first. Do know 
that you can also combine both ways together meaning for running lanes you can move back and hold the ball 
higher and for slick oily conditions you can move up and hold the ball slower. Do understand when you are doing
the approach speed tip your arm will automatically change to move slower when you more up and move faster when
you move back on the approach. In my experience (approach speed) did work for me and my arm did move slower when 
I moved up and faster when I moved back and according to Fred Borden in the Controlling Your Hook video below he says 
that the arm controls the ball speed not the foot work. But he also states the foot work wilslow up when his method for oily 
lanes is being used. When either speed changes (arm or legs/foot work ) the other will change too. Both Fred & I are correct!

In a fast paced world many people want instant success but know for many people improving don't happen instantly 
and must give the change time: Good things happen to those who wait! The mind needs time to digest all the changes 
you made. The Fred Borden video below is helpful (I attended his Pro Shop clinic years ago) view his other videos also!  

Controlling Your Hook by Fred Borden is about using the bowling arm & hand release for more or less Hook
on the Bowling ball for Oily/Slick, Medium and Dry/Hooking Lane conditions. Freds (arm tips) to control hook 
can be used with 1 bowling ball for the 3 lane conditions above. Use my approach speed tips with Freds: As stated above
when either speed changes (arm or legs/foot work) the other will change too. Believe and You "Can Achieve" - Louis, Jr.   

FRED Knows What He Is Talking About CONCERNING BOWLING: Check out the Fred Borden Search Results!!!

===)> Bowling like Pool takes alot of practicing. So practice practice and practice some more! <(===

If the bowling tips still don't work getting another ball for the lane condition you're bowling on the most and
causing the problems can be a fix for you but do explain your situation Louis J Gentile, Jr. If the conclusion is 
to get a ball do consider getting it at my pro shop or bring it in for drilling! Here's help selecting the right ball! The
price for any new ball bought from us includes drilling (finger grips, thumb slug extra.) Having the right ball that fits 
is a must. Use any of the Videos Here or Here and look for others for the areas of help that you need. - Louis, Jr. 

If you used any bowling tips and still have problems you can contact me at: Louis J. Gentile, Jr.